The Best Udemy Courses To Get A Job

Hey there! As someone who’s been on the job hunt before, I know how tough it can be to stand out from the crowd. It’s not enough to just have a degree anymore – you need to have additional skills and experience to make yourself an attractive candidate to potential employers. One way to do this is by taking online courses, and Udemy is one of the best platforms out there for this.

But with so many courses available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That’s why I’ve put together a list of the best Udemy courses to take if you want to boost your chances of landing a job. These courses will provide you with valuable skills and knowledge and a certification that you can add to your resume to make it more appealing to employers.

Whether you’re looking to switch careers or just want to enhance your current skill set, there’s a course for everyone on this list. So let’s dive in and see what courses can help take your career to the next level!


What is Udemy?

Have you ever heard of Udemy? This awesome online learning platform lets you pick from over 130,000 courses taught by 57,000 experts! Trust me; it’s huge!

So, what exactly is Udemy? Well, it’s an online course provider that organizes training into modules and lessons. These modules might include videos, written notes, and assessment quizzes to test your knowledge. But what I love about Udemy is that the video player comes equipped with helpful tools like closed captioning and note-taking capabilities.

If you’re worried about not being able to learn on the go, don’t be! While you can’t download courses for offline viewing, you can browse classes offline and listen to lectures while on the go, thanks to the podcast mode on the Udemy mobile app. And if you have an Apple TV or Google Chromecast, you can even stream Udemy video courses on your TV, putting your skills on display for the whole family to see!

But wait, there’s more! Over 35 million people have used Udemy to learn new skills from the comfort of their own homes. What’s even crazier is that these tutorials are accessed by students in over 180 countries and in 65 different languages! Plus, Udemy has thousands of business clients who use it to teach their staff.

Did you know that Udemy was founded by Eren Bali, Oktay Caglar, and Gagan Biyani in 2010? It’s true! Udemy operates out of Colorado, Brazil, India, Ireland, and Turkey, and its main office is in San Francisco. Talk about taking over the world!

Best Udemy Courses To Get A Job: Technical Courses

Udemy offers a variety of courses related to technology and programming. From web development to machine learning, there’s something for everyone on Udemy. Here are some of the best courses to consider if you’re looking to get a job in tech:

💻 The Complete Python Bootcamp From Zero to Hero in Python

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This course contains everything you’ll need to start your journey as a professional programmer, offering an interactive introduction to programming that starts at the very beginning. Plus, the registration process was super easy, providing almost immediate access to the course content.

You’ll begin with the basics of the language, gradually building up your knowledge until you feel confident enough to make your own software and games. With plenty of practice exercises and detailed explanations from the instructor, this course ensures learning Python is as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

I highly recommend it to any newcomer or curious programmer interested in exploring the language.

💻 Complete Linux Training Course to Get Your Dream IT Job 2023

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This course is the real deal in preparing yourself for a corporate IT job. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or have some experience with Linux operating systems, this course has something for everyone.

One of the things I loved about this course is how comprehensive it is. It covers everything from basic Linux commands to networking and security, which are all essential skills for any IT professional. The instructor is incredibly knowledgeable and does an excellent job of breaking down complex concepts into easy-to-understand terms.

But that’s not all – this course will also prepare you for RHCSA, RHCE, LFCS, and CLNP certifications. These certifications can be a game-changer when it comes to getting hired for IT jobs or advancing your career. The course provides plenty of practice exams and quizzes to help you prepare for these exams, which is incredibly helpful.

💻 The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp

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This is by far one of the best Udemy courses out there for those looking to get a job in web development. The course is incredibly comprehensive, covering all of the basics (HTML and CSS) and more advanced topics such as React, Node.js, MongoDB, and many others.

It’s also very focused on helping you create real-world projects that you can use in your portfolio to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. The instructor was also excellent, always making sure to explain things clearly and answer any questions students might have.

With over 50 hours of video lectures, guided projects, quizzes, handouts, and other resources provided throughout the course, I found it invaluable for learning the concepts needed for any web developer job role. What’s great about the course is that you can take it at your own pace since there are no deadlines or due dates perfect if you have a busy schedule!

Ultimately I found this course to be an excellent way to learn web development skills required by employers today. It covers all of the necessary topics thoroughly while still being fun and engaging; even if you’re completely new to coding, you should feel comfortable with this course! I’d highly recommend it for anyone interested in starting their journey into web development or taking their skillset further.

💻 Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

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The course provides a comprehensive overview of Python programming and its powerful data science libraries such as Pandas, Numpy, Scikit-Learn, and Matplotlib. It also covers various machine learning techniques such as regression analysis, clustering algorithms, KNN classification models, decision tree classifiers, and more.

Moreover, the course instructor explains each concept clearly with real-world examples, making it easy to understand. Plus, there are plenty of coding exercises and projects to get your hands dirty with the knowledge you acquire in the lectures.

Wait, there’s more! The course also comes with plenty of additional resources, such as cheat sheets for pandas operations and an FAQ section with detailed answers to commonly asked questions. Furthermore, it also has multiple discussion forums where students interact with each other to discuss their doubts about the topics covered in the course. This really helps to deepen our understanding of the concepts we learn in the lectures.

💻 Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel Guide 2023

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Are you looking to become a master of Microsoft Excel? The Zero to Hero in Microsoft Excel: Complete Excel Guide 2023 on Udemy is the course for you! It’s an excellent choice for anyone wanting to learn the ins and outs of this versatile program. With a combination of lessons, lectures, and practice exercises, you can build your proficiency in no time.

The course is taught by professionals who have years of experience working with Excel. They’ll show you how to create formulas, format data, use functions, and present information visually through charts and graphs. You’ll also learn how to design interactive dashboards that make it easier to analyze complex data sets. And they don’t just provide the basics — they dig deep into more advanced topics such as macro programming and automation tools.

The best part about the course is that it provides lifetime access, so you can return to it anytime for reference or review. Plus, there are quizzes at the end of each module, so you can test yourself on what you learned.

💻 The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023

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This Udemy course provides comprehensive instruction in all the essential web development skills needed to succeed. With over 60 hours of content split across eight sections, the course covers topics such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, and more.

The course also includes plenty of hands-on projects that will help you develop your coding expertise while giving you real-world experience with web development technology. From creating dynamic websites with React to working with relational databases to mastering API integration, this course helps you gain the skills necessary for a successful career.

The Web Developer Bootcamp 2023 has earned rave reviews from its students, who have found it to be a valuable tool in their job search. Whether you’re just getting started with web development or refining existing skills, this Udemy course is sure to provide the knowledge and training you need to land a great job in no time!

💻 Software Development From A to Z – OOP, UML, Agile, Python

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Throughout the course, you’ll gain practical experience in coding and design solutions and learn how to work with different teams effectively. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of software development fundamentals, from the basics of object-oriented programming (OOP) and unified modeling language (UML) to agile and scrum methodology and even an introduction to Python.

You’ll also learn how to identify user requirements and create software that meets them while staying on top of project deadlines. Additionally, you’ll get a crash course in working with databases, debugging code, testing products, and more.

This course is an invaluable resource for those just starting out in software development or those who want to brush up their professional skills before diving back into the field. It’s packed with useful information presented clearly and concisely, making it easy for anyone from beginner to advanced-level learners to understand. 

Plus, it has plenty of quizzes and exercises to test your knowledge along the way! Investing your time in this Udemy course will surely give you the skills needed for success in software development!

💻 Ultimate AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate SAA-C03

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This comprehensive program is packed with essential tools and features that will help prepare you for success in this field. The course consists of quality lectures and real-world examples, providing an immersive learning environment.

Additionally, the instructor provides helpful assessments and practice activities that allow students to review their understanding of the material. Furthermore, the course provides certification and access to exclusive course materials.

The course offers an amazing curriculum that covers all the necessary topics to become certified. The instructor guides learners through each lesson with detailed explanations and numerous supplemental resources. Not only do they provide step-by-step instructions on how to create and deploy applications, but they also teach how to monitor them and ensure they are running optimally.

Furthermore, you will gain an in-depth understanding of services such as CloudWatch, Lambda Functions, DynamoDB, Route 53, and Security Groups.

Best Udemy Courses To Get A Job: Creative Courses

Are you someone who is looking to break into a creative field such as design, illustration, or writing? Then these creative courses on Udemy are perfect for you!

🎥 Graphic Design Masterclass – Learn GREAT Design

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One of the standout features of this course is its comprehensive coverage of popular design software like Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. You’ll not only learn how to use these programs but also how to work efficiently and creatively within them. Additionally, the course covers branding and logo design, two key areas of expertise for any graphic designer. By the end of the course, you’ll have a well-rounded skillset that will serve you well in any job application or freelance project.

Overall, the Graphic Design Masterclass on Udemy is a fantastic investment in your future as a graphic designer. The course is engaging and easy to follow, with plenty of hands-on practice and helpful feedback from the instructor. You’ll come away feeling confident in your abilities and ready to take on whatever design challenge comes your way.

🎥 THE Photography Masterclass: Complete Course on Photography

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One thing that sets this course apart is its breadth of coverage. This course covers everything from the basics of photography, like shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, to advanced topics, like lighting, portraiture, and photo editing. Plus, it’s presented in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. You’ll never feel overwhelmed or bored as you learn the ins and outs of photography.

Another great thing about this course is that it’s incredibly practical. You’ll learn the theory behind photography and how to put those concepts into practice to create stunning photos. You’ll learn about the best equipment for different situations, how to work with models, how to find great locations for shoots, and so much more. By the end of this course, you’ll have not only the knowledge to take great photos but also the skills and confidence to pursue a photography career.

🎥 Video Production Bootcamp: Videography, Cinematography+

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This course is that it’s perfect for beginners but also has plenty of advanced content for more experienced videographers. You’ll learn everything from the basics of camera operation to advanced cinematography techniques. And don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with video production – the instructor goes out of his way to explain even the most complex concepts in simple, easy-to-understand terms.

Another thing you’ll love about this course is that it’s very hands-on. You’ll actually get to practice the techniques you learn in real-world scenarios, including shooting a music video and creating a short film. This means you’ll come away from the course with practical experience that you can use to impress potential employers.

Overall, the Video Production Bootcamp: Videography, Cinematography+ course is an excellent choice for anyone looking to start a career in video production. With its comprehensive content, engaging instruction, and hands-on learning opportunities, you’ll be well on your way to creating stunning videos in no time!

Best Udemy Courses To Get A Job: Business and Personal Development Courses

Have you been looking for ways to make yourself more marketable in the job market? Then these personal and business development courses on Udemy are perfect for you! You’ll learn essential business skills like communication and networking and important personal development topics like goal-setting and time management. With these courses, you can make a great impression on employers and set yourself up for success. Plus, they’re fun and engaging so you won’t get bored during the learning process.

🕴Best of Digital Marketing: #1 Digital Marketing Course 2023

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This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to know to become a successful digital marketing consultant. You’ll learn how to create effective marketing campaigns, utilize SEO and social media strategies, and understand web analytics and other KPIs. Plus, the instructor’s step-by-step approach makes it easy to follow along and stay on track.

The course isn’t just about theory – you’ll also get hands-on experience with real-world projects. This will help you make the transition from student to consultant much easier, as you’ll be confident that you can apply what you’ve learned directly in the workplace. Additionally, the course covers basic principles of business management that are essential for any digital marketing professional. From customer segmentation to budgeting and pricing models, this course covers it all.

🕴 Become a Product Manager | Learn the Skills & Get the Job

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The course provides everything you need to know about product management, from recognizing a product manager’s responsibilities to understanding ideas worth pursuing. It covers various business sizes and really dives into the product lifecycle, which is essential for any aspiring product manager. One of my favorite aspects of this course was identifying what type of product manager best fits my objectives and personality – selecting a role that suits your style and goals is incredibly important.

The course also explains in detail the modern product development process that both Fortune 500s companies and startups adhere to, which can be quite different depending on the business size. It is invaluable information for anyone wanting to leap into product management. Furthermore, it shows how products are affected by their lifecycle – something I had not considered before but now has a better handle on.

I would highly recommend this course if you’re interested in becoming a product manager, as it offers comprehensive lessons on every aspect of the job. The instructor goes through each step methodically, ensuring you understand all concepts within each lesson before moving on. You will leave with all the tools necessary for succeeding as a product manager, no matter what kind of organization or team you join!

🕴 A Complete Financial Analyst Course

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This Udemy course is incredibly comprehensive, providing students with all the necessary tools they need to become top-notch financial analysts. It covers every aspect of finance, from basic concepts such as budgeting and accounting principles to more advanced topics like derivatives and portfolio management.

With over 15 hours of instruction, staying on track with the curriculum and ensuring you’re getting everything you need to understand the material is easy. Additionally, the instructor is attentive and helpful, ensuring each student gets what they need out of the class.

This is a great choice for anyone looking to enter the finance world. Whether you’re just starting out or already have some experience in this field, this course can provide you with everything you need to be successful in your new role. The content is engaging and well organized while still remaining comprehensive enough for even seasoned veterans in business and finance alike. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in becoming a financial analyst!

🕴 Leadership & Management Skills: 12 Leadership Courses In 1

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What makes this course stand out is its holistic approach to teaching leadership and management fundamentals by covering various topics, including team-building, communication, conflict resolution, decision-making, and many more. The course is designed in such a way that it offers engaging and interactive video lectures, practice exercises, case studies, and assignments that help you develop a practical understanding of the concepts.

One of the best things about this course is that it allows you to learn at your own pace and offers access to all the course materials. The instructor is highly experienced in the field and offers excellent support throughout the course. Additionally, the course is affordable compared to similar courses, making it a great option for those on a tight budget. With these skills under your belt, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job in no time. So, give it a shot, and you won’t regret it!

7 Tips To Find The Perfect Udemy Course

So, now you’re thinking about enrolling in a Udemy course but don’t know where to start? Don’t fret! Let me share with you a simple tip to help you navigate Udemy’s vast course library with ease! Here are some tips to help you find the perfect course for your needs:

① Use Udemy Filters

Udemy offers an extensive range of filters that you can use to narrow down your search and find the course that suits your needs. You can filter courses based on categories, subcategories, ratings, price range, language, features, and more.

To use the filters, simply type in your chosen subject or topic in Udemy’s search bar. Once you see the results, you can then click the filters button found at the top of the page. From there, you can select the filters that matter the most to you.

For example, if you’re looking for a course on web development, you can use the categories filter and select “Development” and “Web Development.” You can also filter by price range, language, and ratings to make sure you find a course that fits your budget and learning style.

② Look At The Course Content And Profile

You see, as someone who has taken a fair number of courses over the years, I’ve come to realize that the course content is everything. It’s what makes or breaks a course and determines whether or not you’ll actually get your money’s worth.

So, one thing I always do before enrolling in a course is to go through the curriculum and see what lectures are included. I pay particular attention to the titles and descriptions and try to get a feel for what the course will cover and how it will be structured.

Another important thing to look at is the length of the course. Generally speaking, I try to avoid courses that are too short, as they tend to be less comprehensive or in-depth than their longer counterparts. Of course, this isn’t a hard and fast rule, and some excellent courses are on the shorter side. But in my experience, longer courses tend to offer more value for money.

③ Read Reviews at Udemy

I can attest to the fact that reviews can be incredibly helpful in making a decision on which course to take.

One of the main benefits of reading reviews is that they can give you an idea of the quality of the course. You can see what other students thought of the content, the instructor, and the overall value of the course. It can also help you gauge the course’s difficulty, which is important if you’re looking for something that matches your skill level.

Additionally, reviews can help you avoid wasting your money on a course that isn’t worth it. If a course has consistently negative reviews, it’s probably best to steer clear of it. On the other hand, if a course has glowing reviews from many students, you can be more confident that it’s a wise investment.

It’s important to keep in mind that reviews can be subjective, and everyone’s experience with a course will be different. That being said, if a course has many positive reviews, there’s likely something great about it.

④ Check Out The Instructor

Think about it – the instructor is the person who will be guiding you through the course material. Their qualifications, experience, and teaching style can all greatly impact how effectively you learn and retain the information. So it’s definitely worth taking some time to evaluate the instructor before signing up for a course.

To start, I like to read through the instructor’s bio and check out their credentials. Do they have relevant experience and education in the subject matter? Have they worked in the industry or field that the course focuses on? If so, that’s a great indication that they’ll be able to provide valuable insights and real-world examples.

Then, I like to look at the instructor’s overall teaching style. Do they strike a good balance between theory and practical application? Are they engaging and enthusiastic? Do they use a variety of teaching methods, such as videos, quizzes, and hands-on exercises? Finding an instructor whose teaching style resonates with your learning preferences is important.

⑤ When Was The Course Launched

You see, Udemy is a platform that continuously gets updated with new courses. Some of these courses are fresh off the press, and some have been around for a while. That’s why it’s important to look for recently launched courses.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, the answer is simple. If a course was launched recently, it means that the instructor has taken the time to update the content to match the current trends and technology. This means that you will receive the latest and up-to-date information, and not outdated information, which can hurt your learning.

Additionally, a course that was launched recently also means that the instructor is likely to be more engaged with the students. They will be more active in answering questions and providing feedback since they are invested in the success of their newly launched course.

⑥ Quality of The Course Preview

Before spending any money, I find it helpful to evaluate the course based on the preview. This can give you a good idea of what the course will be like, the quality of the lessons, and whether or not it’s the right fit for you.

When looking at the course preview, I pay close attention to a few key factors. First, I listen to the instructor’s speaking voice. Is it clear and easy to understand? Do they have an engaging presentation style? These are important factors because you’ll spend a lot of time listening to the instructor’s voice throughout the course.

Next, I take a look at the course content. Does it look comprehensive and thorough? Are the lessons organized in a logical way? It’s important to make sure that the course covers everything you need to know and that the information is presented in a way that makes sense.

Finally, I look at any additional materials included in the course, such as workbooks, quizzes, or exercises. These can be really helpful in reinforcing what you’ve learned and applying it to real-world scenarios.

⑦ Your Budget

Udemy offers courses at a wide range of price points, so it’s important to know what you’re comfortable spending before browsing.

Once you’ve set your budget, you can use Udemy’s handy filtering options. Just select your maximum price point, and you’ll be presented with a list of courses that fit within your budget. This will help you stay focused and avoid getting sidetracked by expensive options that might not be the perfect fit for you.

It’s also worth considering Udemy’s sales and promotions. They often run discounts, so watch for opportunities to snag your desired course at a lower price.

One final tip: don’t let price be the only deciding factor. Sometimes it’s worth investing a bit more in a high-quality course that will really help you achieve your goals. Just make sure that the course is truly worth the investment.

Is Udemy Worth It?

First things first, price. Udemy often has sales where their courses are offered at a fraction of the cost. But even without a sale, the courses are quite affordable – some are even free! And the best part? You can learn at your own pace and on your own time.

Now, let’s talk about the quality of the courses. Udemy has a vast library of courses on a multitude of subjects. Some courses are better than others, but you can usually gauge the quality by reading the reviews from other students. The instructors are knowledgeable and passionate about their subject matter, which makes the learning experience even better.

Another thing that I love about Udemy is its accessibility. You can access your courses from almost anywhere – your laptop, phone, or tablet. Plus, the interface is easy to navigate and user-friendly, making your learning experience a breeze.

Overall, I would definitely say that Udemy is worth it. It’s an affordable and accessible way to gain new skills and knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there free Udemy courses?

Yes, there are many free courses available. These range from short tutorials to full-length courses and cover a wide range of topics.

Q: How long do Udemy courses last?

The length of a course varies depending on the subject and instructor. Most courses are between 1-3 hours long, but some can be much longer.

Q: How do I get a discount on Udemy courses?

Udemy often runs promotions, so keep an eye out for discounts and special offers. Additionally, you can sign up for their mailing list to get exclusive deals. You can also search for coupon codes online.

Q: Can I get a job with Udemy certificate?

That depends on the employer and the course you took. Some employers may accept Udemy certificates, while others will require more traditional certification forms. It’s important to research the requirements of each individual employer. Including any relevant courses you’ve taken on your resume or CV is also a good idea.

Q: What are the best courses for resume building?

Several courses on Udemy can help you build an impressive resume. Some popular options include Resume Writing Made Easy, Professional Resume Writing, and How to Create the Perfect CV. Each of these courses will provide you with useful tips on how to craft an effective resume that will get you noticed by employers. It’s a good idea to read the course reviews before enrolling in any of these courses to ensure that they fit you best.

Final Words

After going through numerous Udemy courses that can help get a job, I have finally concluded that it’s worth investing in a course that can enhance one’s skills and make one job-ready. It’s like preparing yourself for a race, where the more you train, the better your chances of winning. Similarly, investing your time and money in Udemy courses can give you an edge over other candidates in the job market. So, if you are someone who is serious about getting a job, then don’t hesitate to enroll in Udemy courses that suit your job profile. Trust me; it’s a decision you won’t regret!

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