Best Psychology Online Courses Certifications Classes

Explore your inner world and learn to think like a psychologist with the help of the best psychology online courses certifications classes currently accessible. Explore the exciting world of human behavior, learn about the complexity of the human mind, and find out what makes us unique. Whether you’re a novice interested in learning more about the field or an experienced psychologist wishing to sharpen your skills, these carefully developed programs will equip you with the information, skills, and confidence to navigate its complexity.

As we go along, let us help you find fascinating courses at prestigious institutions and dependable online resources that will guide you on the path to personal development and help you understand the mysteries of the human experience. Get ready to discover the key to psychological knowledge and start a journey of self-improvement that will change your life forever.


What are the Different Areas of Psychology?

The study of human behavior, thinking, and mental phenomena is as broad as the discipline of psychology itself, which encompasses several subdisciplines. Some of psychology’s many subfields include the following:

1-Clinical Psychology

This area of psychology evaluates, diagnoses, and treats psychological and mental health problems. Clinical psychologists provide therapists and other treatments as part of their work to improve patients’ emotional well-being.

2-Cognitive Psychology

This field of psychology studies mental activities like perceiving, paying attention, remembering, thinking, and solving problems. How people learn, place, and apply information is investigated.

3-Developmental Psychology

There’s developmental psychology, which looks at how people evolve and change mentally over time. From infancy until old age, all aspects of a person’s growth are analyzed.

4-Social Psychology

A psychological field that focuses on studying how people’s thoughts, emotions, and actions are influenced by their interactions with others. Attitudes, social impact, group dynamics, discrimination, and interpersonal connections are only a few of the areas probed.

5-Experimental Psychology

Another type of psychology, “experimental psychology,” focuses on studying the mind’s most basic functions. Perception, learning, motivation, and emotion are some areas studied using rigorous scientific techniques.

best psychology online courses certifications classes

6-Educational Psychology

Psychology is concerned with using psychological principles to improve educational settings and practices. The course looks at how several variables might affect the effectiveness of teaching and learning.

7-Industrial Psychology

Industrial or organizational psychology deals with implementing psychological theories in business settings. Issues related to hiring, indoctrination, appraisal, workplace dynamics, and efficiency are discussed.

8-Forensic Psychology

Forensic psychology is the branch of psychology that studies how the law and criminal justice system might benefit from psychological concepts. Criminal profiling, competency evaluation, expert witness testimony, and witness credibility assessments are all areas of expertise for forensic psychologists.

9-Health Psychology

Health psychologists look at how one’s mental state affects their physical well-being. This area of psychology examines how one’s state of mind might affect their health habits, ability to deal with sickness, and pursuit of happiness.


Neuropsychology, or the study of the brain’s role in human behavior, is tenth on the list. The cognitive, emotional, and behavioral effects of brain injury and other neurological illnesses are investigated.

Some of the various subfields of psychology include the following: Various avenues of inquiry, professional practice, and theoretical expansion exist across psychology’s many sub-disciplines and specialty areas.

How to Find the Best Psychology Online Courses Certifications Classes

Finding the top online psychology courses, certificates, and classes requires careful consideration of several aspects to narrow down the field to the most relevant results. Here is a detailed search procedure that might help you:

1-Set Your Goals

First, be explicit about what you hope to achieve by studying psychology. In what ways would you like to advance your education in psychology? Do you want to broaden your general knowledge, hone in on a specific subfield, or get credentials in your chosen field? Knowing exactly what you’re looking for will help narrow your search results.

2-Do Your Research on the best Psychology Online Courses Certifications Classes

Look at respected online learning platforms like Coursera, edX, Udemy, Khan Academy, and Open University that offer psychology courses. These websites frequently feature classes taught by seasoned professionals from prestigious institutions.

3-Make a Review of the Course

Review each service’s course descriptions, syllabi, and learning outcomes. Note the course content, instructional strategies, and desired goals. You can learn much about the course and its instructor from the feedback they’ve left behind.

4-Consider Accreditation and Recognition

Ensure the institution offering the course, certification, or class is well-respected and accredited. The American Psychological Association’s (APA) and similar organizations’ accreditation of the psychology program enhance its reliability and caliber.

best psychology online courses certifications classes

5-Evaluate Course Content

Analyze the material covered in class to see if it is relevant to your objectives. Consider the subfields of psychology addressed, such as cognitive science, clinical practice, and business settings. Search for programs that provide a balanced education.

6-Assess the Instructor’s Qualifications

Determine the proficiencies of the teacher: Learn as much as you can about the people teaching the course or issuing the certification. Verify their academic background, areas of study, and years of experience in psychology. Your teacher has a significant impact on the quality of your education.

7-Check for Flexibility and Accessibility

Consider your schedule and the course’s or certification’s adaptability before enrolling. Try to find a method of study that allows you to set your schedule and pace. Also, ensure the website can be accessed from any device and is simple.

8-Review Certification Requirements

If you are interested in gaining psychology certificate, it is recommended that you first understand the prerequisites for doing so. Find out if there are tests, projects, or other preparations you need to make. This will allow you to choose whether or not you are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to earn the certification.

9-Seek Recommendations and Feedback

Reach out to professionals and other people in the field of psychology to get their input and advice on the best courses and certifications to take. They can advise based on their experiences and point you toward suitable classes.

If you follow these steps, you may find the best psychology online courses certifications classes that fit your needs and deliver a rewarding education.

List of the Best Psychology Online Courses Certifications Classes

Accredited institutions often host online psychology courses that are worth considering. These credentials often necessitate a combination of academic study, employment experience, and test success.

It’s essential to do some background reading on any certifications or courses you’re considering to be sure they’re a good fit. Numerous certificates, classes, and programs in online psychology can be completed nowadays. Some highly recommended choices are as follows:

Buddhism and Modern Psychology by Princeton University

Platform: Coursera

The Coursera offering from Princeton University titled “Buddhism and Modern Psychology” is unlike anything else out there. Professor Robert Wright’s course emphasizes the complementary nature of the two fields. it examines the intersections between Buddhist philosophy and contemporary psychology.

The course covers fundamental Buddhist concepts like mindfulness, the Eightfold Path, and the Four Noble Truths. It takes a look at how these ideas square with. And it also covers how to make sense in the light of contemporary psychological thought and study.

Professor Wright provides insights into the human mind, emotions, and well-being by making linkages between Buddhist teachings and psychological phenomena. The origins of pain, the impact of craving and clinging are discussed. Further it also explains the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. As well as the steps necessary to develop compassion and find fulfillment in life are all discussed.

The course promotes introspection and analysis by posing philosophical and ethical concerns from a variety of angles. It delves into the ways in which Buddhist principles might aid in self-improvement. Additionally, t also covers the general happiness, and the reduction of mental anguish.

Notable features of this course include the incorporation of guest lectures by well-known experts in the fields of Buddhism and psychology. The lectures by these invited speakers provide depth and variety to the material covered in the class.

The content of “Buddhism and Modern Psychology” is intended for students from a wide range of educational and cultural backgrounds. It’s aimed at both Buddhists and psychologists who are curious about the intersection of the two disciplines in Buddhism and its potential practical applications.

Learners who complete the course will acquire a certificate from Princeton University. It can be used as evidence of their knowledge and dedication to the subject matter.

Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization by University of Pennsylvania

Platform: Coursera

The Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialization provided by the University of Pennsylvania and hosted on the online learning platform Coursera, is an in-depth look at the theory and practice of positive psychology. This concentration, developed by Dr. Martin E.P. Seligman and other prominent psychologists, equips students with the skills necessary to improve their sense of well-being and live more satisfying lives.

This concentration’s classes make use of a wide range of instructional strategies, such as video lectures, readings, quizzes, and assignments. Through online discussion boards and peer evaluation, students can connect with a worldwide learning community.

The intention of the curriculum is to be adaptable so that students can study at their own speed. However, taking the classes in order will help you retain more information and develop a deeper understanding of positive psychology.

Learners who complete the psychology programs and demonstrate mastery of positive psychology topics obtain certification from the University of Pennsylvania.

The University of Pennsylvania’s Foundations of Positive Psychology Specialisation on Coursera is an in-depth and applicable introduction to the field. It gives students the resources they need to strengthen their own personal and professional capacities for happiness, resilience, and success. Those interested in improving their own lives or those who want to apply the concepts of positive psychology in the workplace will find this concentration fruitful.

Introduction to Psychology by the University of Toronto

Platform: Coursera

The University of Toronto’s Introduction to Psychology course on Coursera is a fascinating and thorough introduction to the exciting field of psychology. Professor Steve Joordens’ approach aims to give students a foundation in the fundamental concepts, theories, and practices that make up psychology.

Social psychology, personality, developmental psychology, psychological diseases, and therapeutic methods are all investigated, along with the biological foundations of behavior. Students can understand the intricacies of human behavior and the psychological processes that underlie our ideas, feelings, and behaviors by delving into each of these areas.

Various media, including video lectures, readings, quizzes, and assignments show the course to the students. The theoretical foundations of psychology present the real-world examples and case studies used throughout the course.

The course highlights its focus on student participation. Learners promptly engage in several exercises, conversations, and quizzes throughout the course to solidify their grasp of the covered concepts. This method of instruction improves memory retention and facilitates the transfer of knowledge to practical settings.

There are also plenty of chances for students to evaluate their own progress and receive comments from their instructors. it is a self-paced course, so students can study when it’s convenient for them, but they’ll still benefit from the course’s overall framework.

A certificate from the University of Toronto is a highly sought-after credential. Course completers receive the said certificate.

The University of Toronto’s Introduction to Psychology course on Coursera provides a comprehensive and comprehensible overview of the discipline. Anyone curious about human nature and the rules that control our thoughts and actions would benefit from reading this book because it lays the groundwork for further investigation.

Introduction to Psychology by Yale University

Platform: Coursera

The Yale University course “Introduction to Psychology” is one of the most well-acclaimed introductory psychology courses available on Coursera. Professor Paul Bloom’s course gives students a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts, theories, and psychological research techniques.

The course is comprehensive, including multiple subfields of psychology and extending into developmental and social psychology and behavioral neuroscience. Understanding these foundational concepts can shed light on how people think, see the world, and interact with others. This course differs from others in psychology because it uses real-world examples and case studies to explain abstract ideas.

Professor Bloom’s lectures are engaging, straightforward, and well-organized, making even difficult psychological ideas understandable to students with varying degrees of background knowledge. Extra materials and readings are provided to help students delve even deeper into the subject matter covered in the main course.

Students forcefully participate in class through activities, including quizzes, assignments, and conversations. This method of instruction helps students remember what they’ve learned and gives them practice using what they’ve learned.

The training also emphasizes research techniques and analytical thinking. Experiments, surveys, and observational studies are just some of the methods present in this introduction to psychological research. Students get an understanding of the processes involved in psychology research and the criteria used to judge the quality of studies.

Successful students receive a certificate from Yale University that serves as evidence of their mastery of the curriculum and dedication to the learning process. It’s great for newcomers and advanced students alike because of the firm grounding in the field’s fundamental concepts, ideas, and practical applications that it offers.

Psychological First Aid by Johns Hopkins University

Platform: Coursera

Johns Hopkins University’s Psychological First Aid course on Coursera is a crucial programme that equips students with the know-how to offer rapid psychological support and aid in the wake of a crisis or disaster. This training, designed by top professionals in the industry. iT provides participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to alleviate the emotional and psychological suffering often experienced during times of crisis.

There is participants exposure to the fundamentals of psychological first aid during the duration of the training. Some of these include talking to people, listening to them, helping them out in practical ways, making them feel safe and at ease, figuring out what they need, and linking them up with the resources they need. Course participants will learn how to provide effective psychological first aid by emphasizing empathy, respect, and cultural competence.

The Psychological First Aid curriculum makes use of a wide range of teaching strategies. The course’s emphasis on real-world applications is a major plus. Learners can practice their newfound skills with case studies and scenarios that are based on actual events. This allows students to transfer their learning to real-world scenarios such as natural catastrophes, public health crises, and community issues.

Learners who complete the course will obtain a certificate from Johns Hopkins University attesting to their competency in providing immediate mental health care in an emergency.

People in the fields of emergency response, healthcare, counselling, social work, and any other career that needs interaction with people in distress will find Johns Hopkins University’s Psychological First Aid course on Coursera quite useful. It teaches people the basics of psychology and gives them the tools they need to help others in times of crisis.

best psychology online courses certifications classes

Social Psychology by Wesleyan University

Platform: Coursera

Wesleyan University’s Introduction to Social Psychology course on Coursera provides a fascinating and in-depth look into this intriguing area. This course, taught by Professor Scott Plous, helps students get a comprehensive comprehension of how people process social information and react to it.

This course explores the many ways in which social contexts shape individual behaviour and thought. The topics covered include social cognition, attitudes, social influence, obedience, group dynamics, prejudice, stereotyping, and interpersonal interactions. Students can better understand human behaviour in social settings by studying social psychology.

The course stands out for its focus on the practical applications of social psychology to contemporary problems. It delves at issues including environmental sustainability, violence, the psychology of social change, and prosocial behaviour. Students learn more about social psychology’s potential to ameliorate societal ills and encourage virtuous conduct.

The course emphasizes both critical thinking and student participation throughout the course. Students can actively participate in the learning process, put their newfound information to use, and reflect on the theories and concepts they learned from the introduction through class discussions, quizzes, and homework. To further improve their education, they can interact with their peers and receive constructive criticism.

Learners who complete the course and demonstrate mastery of social psychology and active participation in class discussions will get a certificate from Wesleyan University. Having this certification on your resume or academic portfolio is a plus.

It provides students with the tools they need to analyze and evaluate social phenomena from a scientific perspective by building their knowledge of the social impacts on human behaviour. This course benefits anybody interested in the nuances of human relationships and how they shape us as people and as a society.

Developmental, Social & Clinical Psychology by University of Queensland

Platform: edX

Through edX, students at the University of Queensland can access a wide range of developmental, social, and clinical psychology courses. These classes help students make sense of the complexities of the human mind and behavior, focusing on development, social relationships, and psychiatric diseases.

The delivery of instruction in these classes is through the use of various media, including video lectures, readings, quizzes, and interactive tasks. Students can access course materials whenever it is convenient for them and study at their speed. The structure of the curriculum provides students with a thorough grounding in the topic from a theoretical and practical perspective.

Experts teach these courses in their subjects at the University of Queensland, so students may rest assured that they will learn valuable information. Developmental, social, and clinical psychology studentswill find these professors invaluable resources.

Learners obtain a certificate at the end of each course that they can use to demonstrate their mastery of the topic. Taking advantage of the University of Queensland’s edX offerings in developmental, social, and clinical psychology is a great way to learn more about these intriguing areas of study. Students, professionals, and anyone interested in the complexities of the human mind can benefit from the knowledge gained in these courses, which provide a thorough grounding in the relevant areas of psychology.

Professional Certificate in The Science of Happiness at Work by UC, Berkeley

Platform: edX

Offering a unique blend of positive psychology and organizational psychology, the University of California, Berkeley’s Professional Certificate in The Science of Happiness at Work is available on the edX platform. Understanding and fostering happiness and well-being in the workplace is the emphasis of this psychology certificate program.

The psychology program is based on the work of UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Centre and its director, Professor Dacher Keltner, a world-renowned expert in positive psychology. It equips students with tried-and-true methods for boosting morale in the workplace, caring for their employees, and boosting productivity.

Courses in this free online certificate programs use a wide range of instructional strategies, from video lectures and readings to quizzes and case studies to hands-on activities. Participants can interact with one another and develop a sense of community while enhancing their educational experience.

Incorporating real-world case studies and insights from industry professionals is a distinctive feature of this programme. Participants gain valuable insight from hearing from companies that have effectively implemented employee happiness and well-being programmes.

After finishing all three classes, students will receive a Professional Certificate from UC Berkeley. Earning this certification shows that they have mastered the principles of positive psychology and can effectively implement them in the workplace.

Professionals, managers, and human resource experts can learn invaluable skills and knowledge by earning a Professional Certificate in The Science of Happiness at Work. By adopting the program’s guiding concepts and practices, participants can help boost job happiness, employee engagement, productivity, and the organization’s bottom line.

Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology DMAP

Platform: Udemy

Udemy’s Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (DMAP) course offers a comprehensive introduction to modern applied psychology. This diploma programme, taught by seasoned educators, delves deeply into theoretical foundations and real-world applications of psychology.

The DMAP curriculum divides into discrete units covering a specific applied psychology topic. Different branches of psychology, like cognitive science, social science, developmental science, personality science, abnormal psychology, and positive science, are present in these courses.

The hands-on nature of the DMAP curriculum is one of its many assets. It goes beyond merely knowing about psychology and instead emphasizes using what you’ve learned in actual situations. This course focuses on using psychological principles to better one’s life in all aspects, from personal to professional relationships to communication to stress management to motivation to general well-being.

Learners who complete the DMAP course on Udemy receive a Certificate. Professionals can showcase their proficiency in contemporary applied psychology by including this credential in their online profiles and resumes.

Even though the DMAP course on Udemy covers many ground and real-world applications, it is not a substitute for formal education. Its target audience consists primarily of people who want to improve their own lives or advance their careers by learning valuable skills and insights from the field of applied psychology.

Learners can thoroughly understand applied psychology and its practical applications by taking Udemy’s Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology (DMAP) course. Anyone interested in improving many facets of their lives from a psychological perspective would find this an excellent option.

Influence People with Persuasion Psychology

Platform: Udemy

The Udemy course “Influence People with Persuasion Psychology” aims to teach students how to use psychological concepts to persuade and influence other people successfully. The course examines various issues within persuasion psychology, from the basics of influence and communication to the complexities of human behaviour and methods for improving one’s persuasive abilities.

The training emphasizes using the skills learned in context. It shows how persuasive psychology s useful in the real world through examples, case studies, and hypothetical situations. Students promptly consider how the presented ideas and methods apply to their lives.

Video lectures, assigned readings, quizzes, and homework assignments are the main components of the course materials. The lecturers provide their knowledge and thoughts in an interesting and approachable way in the video lectures. This is a self-paced course, so students can work through the lessons whenever it’s most practical for them.

This course’s emphasis on moral argumentation is one of its many strengths. It stresses the value of being ethical and responsible when employing persuasive strategies. Students think forcefully about the moral ramifications of their arguments and to use these methods openly and without hiding anything.

Udemy awards successful students with a completion certificate that serve as proof of their competence in the field of persuasive psychology.

The Udemy course “Influence People with Persuasion Psychology” is ideal for anyone looking to improve their persuasive abilities, from salespeople and marketers to managers and negotiators to business owners and entrepreneurs. The course applies to both the student’s personal and professional lives due to its hands-on style and emphasis on ethical persuasion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I take a free online psychology class?

A: Yes! Free psychology courses online are a fantastic way for those new to the discipline to get their feet wet. In psychology, students can learn the principles of human nature and how we function as social beings. Or, they can go into more advanced topics like behavioral neuroscience.

Q: How about a BS in psychology for the clinical field?

A: A master’s degree is a requirement for entry into this field. After four years, you’ll have a bachelor’s degree and be ready to start focusing on your master’s. Clinical psychologists need a Ph.D. or Psy.D.

Q: How far up the academic ladder can one earn a psychology doctorate?

A: In psychology, a Ph.D. is a terminal psychology degree. You can call yourself a psychologist and practice independently with one of these degrees. A psychology doctorate might take four to eight years to complete.

Q: How does a PsyD differ from a regular psychologist?

A: The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Clinical Psychology is a higher academic degree. This is comparable to the Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) in Professional Psychology.

Q: What is the time it takes to earn a doctorate?

A: It can take up to eight years to earn a Ph.D. on average. The time it takes to earn a doctorate can vary widely, from four to six years. It depends on factors including the complexity of the online programs, the field of study, and the university.

Final Thoughts

Finally, a plethora of credible online certificates, programs, and courses in psychology will equip you with helpful information and abilities. Prestigious universities offer these courses and qualified professionals teach it guaranteeing a rich and exciting education.

All the various certifications and training programs are excellent in their ways. When deciding on a course of study, students should consider their needs, goals, and learning preferences. Individuals can improve their knowledge of psychology and develop their abilities. Moreover, they can also use what they’ve learned in their personal and professional live. They can attain that by enrolling in and completing these top-notch online courses.

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