Harness the Power of Language With the Best Online Grammar Course Free

Do you want to learn how to use grammar correctly? Do you want to be able to write in a professional, natural manner? How amazing would it be if you could finally conquer your grammar woes and discover the best online grammar course free of charge.

Well, today is your lucky day because I’m here to tell you that there is such a thing as free online education. And yes, this means great news for those who need help mastering the basics of proper grammar. English is not just the language of communication. It is also a powerful tool for self-expression and creativity. Knowing how to use grammar correctly can unlock the potential of any written piece, allowing your readers to focus on what you’re saying more easily.

So if you’re excited to start learning the nuances of grammar, let’s look at the plenty of amazing online grammar courses free. Many of these courses are offered by online learning platforms. So you can rest assured that the content is of great quality and will help you easily understand tricky grammar concepts. And since these classes are free, there’s no need to worry about any financial burden.

An Overview of the English Grammar

best online grammar course free

What exactly is English grammar? We all use it every day, but how much do you actually know about it? English grammar is the set of rules governing how we construct sentences and phrases in English. From verb conjugation to noun agreement, any speaker or writer of English needs to have a firm grasp on the fundamentals of grammar. Below are some of the most important concepts you should understand to be able to use English effectively:

🔴Syntax and Grammar Rules 

In order to understand what makes up good grammar, we must first understand syntax. Syntax refers to the way words are arranged into meaningful sentences. The structure of a sentence allows us to make sense of the words and convey our intended meaning. Each language has its own set of syntax rules, and when you break these rules, you create a sentence that may not make sense or express what you want it to express. This is why learning proper syntax and following grammar rules are so important in any language – including English! 

🔴Parts of Speech 

The fundamental building blocks for understanding proper grammar are parts of speech. These include nouns (people, places, things), verbs (action words), adjectives (describing words), adverbs (words that modify verbs or adjectives), conjunctions (joining words), prepositions (words that show relationships between other words) and interjections (words used to express emotion). Knowing how these parts fit together within a sentence is key to understanding basic English grammar.  

🔴Sentence Structure 

A sentence is made up of two main components: a subject (the person or thing acting) and a predicate (the action being performed). Knowing how these two elements interact will help you construct sentences that make sense grammatically and logically. You should also pay attention to capitalization rules. These dictate when to capitalize a word at the beginning of a sentence or after certain punctuation marks. 


Punctuation is another important concept in English grammar. It helps give sentence structure meaning by indicating where pauses should be taken when speaking or reading aloud. Punctuation marks include:

  • Commas
  • Periods
  • Exclamation points
  • Question marks
  • Colons
  • Semicolons
  • Parentheses
  • Brackets,
  • Hyphens
  • Dashes
  • Ellipses
  • Slashes
  • Apostrophes
  • Quotation marks

Knowing how and when to use punctuation can help convey the right tone and meaning in your writing. English grammar can be quite complex, and mastering it requires much practice.

Why Is It Important to Learn English Grammar Skills?

As the most widely spoken language in the world, English is a great asset to have on your resume. With English fluency, you can open up a world of domestic and international possibilities. There are some reasons why it is important to learn English grammar skills, such as:

✔️Academic Purpose 

If you are studying at an institution where English is the primary language of instruction, you must have a good grasp of grammar skills. When writing essays and research papers for school or university, writing accurately with correct grammar will help you score higher marks and make a better impression on your professors.

Knowing how to use punctuation correctly, for example, displays a high level of proficiency in the language and shows that you put effort into your work. 

✔️Traveling Abroad 

Having command over grammar makes it easier for you to communicate with locals when traveling abroad. If you find yourself in an unfamiliar country or city where people don’t understand what you’re saying because of your limited ability in their native language. Then having an understanding of English grammar can come in handy.

Constructing sentences quickly and accurately can help ensure that your message is understood more easily by others. Those that may not be as familiar with the language as they are with their own native tongue. This can be especially useful if you need assistance from local authorities while traveling abroad. 

✔️Connect To People Around The World 

English is one of the most commonly used languages online today. There are hundreds of websites entirely dedicated to helping non-native speakers learn the language! Knowing proper English grammar makes it easier for us to connect with new people worldwide. Whether through social media or digital forums like Reddit or Quora.

English enables us to convey our thoughts accurately without misunderstandings or confusion arising due to incorrect usage of words or punctuation marks. Furthermore, having good grammar allows us to create meaningful relationships with those who share our interests. Regardless of their nationality or location – thus expanding our horizons far beyond our physical reach! 

✔️Business Purposes 

In business settings, being able to communicate properly using correct English grammar is essential for success. Whether it’s crafting emails, presentations, reports, or other documents, mastering basic grammatical rules can help ensure your message reaches its intended audience clearly. It allows them to understand exactly what you are trying to say without confusion caused by typos or misused words/punctuation marks.

This also helps build trust between clients & colleagues alike. Making sure everyone involved has confidence in each other’s abilities when it comes time for negotiations & decision-making processes down the line. 

Therefore, it is important to learn English grammar skills to correctly communicate with people worldwide, both in personal and professional contexts.

The Best Online Grammar Course Free 

Yes Free! And when I tell you free, I mean free as you don’t have to pay anything! That sounds like a deal, right? Learning grammar online can be fun and easy. There are websites out there that offer free courses, English grammar lessons, and interactive activities to help you learn English grammar quickly and effectively. So let’s take a look at the best online grammar course free!

FREE English Grammar Course By Ross Srey

best online grammar course free

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As an English learner, I was overwhelmed by the thought of taking a grammar course online. That is until I came across FREE English Grammar Course By Ross Srey. This amazing course made mastering the parts of speech and essential English verbs easier than you ever thought possible!

This course had everything from reviewing basics like English sentence structure and language to honing in on specific topics such as verbs and parts of speech. Knowing that you didn’t have to worry about cost was a relief too. What could be better than getting top-notch instruction and resources without paying a cent? Right?

The course was easy to follow and offered practice exercises to help you test your knowledge. The lessons progressed at a manageable pace, and the instructors were engaging. With this course, you will be able to learn more about English grammar and become confident in your ability to communicate effectively.

Topics Covered: 

  • English Grammar: You’ll learn parts of speech, verb tenses, and how to punctuate sentences correctly.
  • English Parts of Speech: You’ll master nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prepositions, and more.
  • English Language: You’ll be able to differentiate between British and American English and gain an understanding of commonly used idioms.
  • English Verbs: You will become familiar with verb usage and learn to correctly use regular, irregular, gerunds, participles, auxiliary verbs, and more.
  • English Sentence Structure: You’ll understand how to structure English sentences and use punctuation correctly.

Whether you’re an English learner or a native speaker looking for a refresher course, FREE English Grammar Course By Ross Srey is the perfect choice to help you master the language quickly! With its comprehensive lessons and engaging instructors, this free online grammar course will have you speaking like a pro.

English Grammar Course for English Language Learners Free By Joe English

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If you’re an English language learner, you need a course tailored to your needs. Joe English has created just the thing! His FREE English Grammar Course for English Language Learners has helpful resources and interactive exercises to make learning easier.

It provides all you need to master the nuances of the English language in a fun and engaging approach. This course will help improve your English mastery so you can confidently communicate. Whether you’re just starting or already know some basics, this free course has everything to help you become a grammar whiz!

Topics Covered: 

  • What is Grammar?: You will learn what grammar is and the purpose it serves in English.
  • Verbs and Tenses: You will understand how to use different verb tenses and conjugations in English correctly
  • Present Simple: You will learn how to use the present simple tense and be able to form questions and negative sentences properly.
  • Present Progressive: You will gain an understanding of the present progressive tense and be able to form sentences correctly.
  • Present Perfect: You can form the present perfect tense and understand when to use it.

It’s never too late to become an English grammar expert. You can do it with the help of Joe English’s FREE English Grammar Course for Language Learners! This comprehensive course takes a fun and interactive approach that makes learning easy.

English Foundation Course 2023: Grammar and Speaking Upgrade By Scott Mendoza

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It’s always possible to upgrade your English skills! Scott Mendoza has created this comprehensive course for those seeking a speaking and grammar upgrade.

This convenient at-home course provides individuals with the necessary tools to upgrade their English skills in both grammar and speaking. By following Scott’s step-by-step guide, you will learn how to identify English sentence types. Find correct answers to English questions faster, and become a more confident speaker in your conversations!

This course is like an intense boot camp that will equip you with all you need to take your writing and conversation skills to the next level. Aside from being 100% free of charge, It also includes engaging visuals and audio components to keep you engaged throughout the process.

Topics Covered: 

  • Learn the most crucial English topics to establish a solid foundation: You’ll be able to learn pronoun usage, verb conjugation, sentence structure, and more.
  • Study examples of proper usage of English grammar in conversations: You’ll understand how to use English grammar in everyday conversations correctly.
  • Develop the ability to speak English like a native: You’ll be able to understand and use the necessary language conventions, including expressions and slang.
  • Boost your writing, listening, and speaking skills: You’ll be able to use your improved English grammar and speaking skills to communicate easily!
  • Preparing for the A1, A2, B1, B2, TOEFL, TOEIC, and IELTS examinations:  You will be able to confidently apply your improved grammar and speaking skills to these exams.

Take your learning experience even further with the English Foundation Course 2023: Grammar and Speaking Upgrade by Scott Mendoza. It’s free, fun, and will give you the skills to become an expert in English grammar and speaking!

Master English Sentence Structure | Better Grammar, Writing By Scott Mendoza

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Aside from Scott’s comprehensive course for speaking and grammar, he also has an advanced course for mastering English sentence structure. This course can help you master English sentence structure. Better your grasp of English grammar, and understand the English sentence structure a lot easier.

You’ll find that this course gives you a thorough understanding of the basics of English Grammar and puts you on the path to mastering advanced topics. It’s a great resource for anyone who requires improving their grammar and wants to do so without spending money.

All it will cost you is your time well spent as you reap the benefits of having stronger written and spoken language skills! This course will help you learn English grammar rules, so you can create accurate and concise sentences in any context.

Topics Covered:

  • Be prepared to handle difficult English grammar concepts: You’ll be able to identify complex sentence structures and understand their usage.
  • Learn the fundamentals of English grammar: You’ll be able to understand the basics of English grammar and apply it correctly in any given context.
  • Learn the structure of the English sentence: You’ll be able to identify the types of English sentences and clearly understand how they work.
  • Improve English Understanding: You’ll gain a better understanding of English and be able to express yourself more confidently.
  • Improve written communication: You’ll learn to write clear, concise sentences that allow you to communicate easily.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to grasp English or an advanced learner looking to brush up on your skills, this course can help you master the basics of English grammar and speaking! Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your grammar today.

A Quick Overview of English Grammar 

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As a language enthusiast, I have always been committed to perfecting my grasp of English grammar. Knowing the fundamental principles of English grammar will give you an edge in expressing yourself verbally and writing effectively.

This quick overview will provide you with the basics of English grammar, covering everything from nouns and verbs to adverbs and prepositions. You’ll be able to understand the fundamentals of English grammar. And once you have a firm grasp on these fundamental principles, you can clearly express yourself in the language.

Topics Covered: 

  • English Grammar Basic Elements: You’ll learn the basic elements of English grammar, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.
  • The Importance of Using Proper Grammar When Communicating: You’ll understand the importance of using proper grammar when communicating in English.

With this quick overview, you’ll gain the basics of English grammar that you need to master to communicate in English effectively. This overview will give you a better understanding of how language works and will put you on the path to mastering the intricacies of the English language.

Whether you’re preparing for an exam or just looking to boost your conversational skills, this overview can help you on your way to becoming a proficient English speaker.

These are the best online grammar course free of charge! Take advantage of this amazing resource and begin improving your English grammar immediately.

Other Ways to Learn English Grammar for Free

Aside from free online English grammar courses, there are a few other ways to learn English grammar for free. Check out the list below for some of the best free resources to help you improve your language skills:

1: Practice Online Exercises

Plenty of websites offer free exercises designed to help you practice your English grammar skills. Many of these exercises come with detailed explanations and step-by-step instructions on correctly answering the questions. You can also use the built-in dictionary and other features to improve your understanding of the material. 

2: Watch Videos

YouTube has great videos about English grammar topics like verb tenses, nouns, adjectives, and more. These videos offer clear explanations in an entertaining format and often feature helpful visuals like diagrams or charts. You can also pause and replay as much as you want until you understand the concepts being presented. 

3: Take Advantage of Mobile Apps

If you have a smartphone or tablet, plenty of apps will help you learn English grammar quickly and easily. Most apps offer interactive activities that let you practice your new knowledge right away – plus they’re often fun!   

4: Read Books

While not all books are free, plenty out there don’t cost a cent! Check out your local library or take advantage of services like Project Gutenberg, which offers thousands of classic books in e-book format at no cost whatsoever. Reading is one of the best ways to improve your language skills—so make sure you find time every day! 

5: Listen to Podcasts

Podcasts are audio recordings that cover various topics and provide in-depth information about them—all without requiring extra effort from the listener! Many podcasts are dedicated to learning English grammar, so check out some popular ones, such as “English Grammar in Use” or “Grammar Girl Quick & Dirty Tips For Better Writing.” 

6: Use Social Media Groups

Facebook groups dedicated exclusively to learning English grammar can be found everywhere on the internet these days – search “Learn English Grammar” on Facebook and see what comes up! These groups often feature experienced tutors who can answer any question about the language – plus they’re usually free too! 

7: Participate in Discussion Forums

If social media isn’t your thing, consider joining one of the many discussion forums dedicated exclusively to teaching English grammar online! These forums feature members from all over the world who share their tips, tricks, and experiences with learning this tricky language – plus, they almost always have some sort of system set up so that members can ask questions directly from experts in real time (if needed).  

8: Take Free Tests & Quizzes

There’s no better way than actually testing yourself on something to figure out if you truly understand it — so take advantage by finding sites offering free tests & quizzes related directly to improving your English grammar prowess today.  

9: Online Dictionaries

You can use various online dictionaries to look up words and definitions quickly without having to purchase costly physical dictionaries. Merriam-Webster is one of the most popular options; it offers definitions in British and American English and audio pronunciations for many of its words. It also provides helpful examples of how each word is used in context so you can see how they fit into various sentences correctly. 

10: Language Exchanges

A great way to practice speaking with native speakers is by joining language exchange sites where people from around the world come together with a common goal—improving their language abilities through conversing with others who speak different languages! You could even create a profile page listing areas you need help with (grammar being one). So that potential conversation partners know exactly what kind of help they’ll provide before starting a chat session!   

These are just a few of the many methods you can use to help improve your English grammar skills. Feel free to try new things and experiment with different techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the fastest way to learn grammar? 

The most efficient way to learn English grammar is through consistent practice and repetition. Set aside time each day or week to focus on specific aspects of grammar, such as verb tenses or sentence structure. You can also find online tools and resources that provide additional support as you work through your studies. Consistency will help you understand how different components fit together so that you can apply them in real-life conversations easily.  

What is the hardest grammar to learn? 

The hardest part of learning English grammar often depends on which language you are coming from since some languages have more complex grammatical elements than others. For example, suppose you come from a language with multiple verb conjugations, like Spanish or French. In that case, learning about irregular verbs in English may prove more challenging than concepts like noun plurals or prepositions. 

What are the 4 types of grammar? 

The four main types of English grammar include syntax (sentence structure), morphology (word forms), semantics (meaning), and phonology (sounds). There are also subcategories within each type that further refine our understanding of how words come together meaningfully when constructing sentences. Understanding these categories will help you better recognize patterns in language use so that you can apply them more effectively in different contexts.  

How long does it take to learn English grammar? 

This depends greatly on your starting point and how much time you dedicate to studying each week; however, most people typically need at least 6 months before they feel comfortable using grammatical elements correctly in conversation. If you have had previous experience with other languages, this process may be a bit quicker for you since many languages share similar qualities regarding their underlying structures.  

What is the best time to study English Grammar? 

The best time to study any subject matter is when it suits your lifestyle and schedule. However, try studying when your energy levels are higher throughout the day, like early mornings or afternoons. Having an established routine will also help keep motivation levels high and ensure that dedicated time is set aside specifically for studying purposes only.  

Final Words 

After researching a few different options, I am confident that the best online grammar course free listed above will help you learn English grammar in a structured, comprehensive way. All of these courses offer something slightly different and have unique teaching approaches, so make sure to read up on each one and benefit from their expertise. With the right resources, dedication, and consistency in practice, you’ll soon be speaking English with complete confidence. Good luck!

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