Unleash Your Skills with Best Excel Courses Tutorials Online

Are you prepared to use Excel to its full potential? You can hone your Excel abilities and become a pro with the help of the best Excel courses tutorials online. These online courses provide detailed guides and examples for users of all experience levels, from those just getting started with spreadsheets to those eager to learn more sophisticated skills.

These courses make learning Excel fun and rewarding by providing intuitive interfaces and hands-on practice. Excel can do wonders for your data management and analysis processes, so dive into the realm of formulas, pivot tables, macros, and data visualization.


Why Do You Need to Learn the Best Excel Courses Tutorials Online?

If you want to advance your career, taking online Excel courses will provide you with the tools you need to manage and analyze data and automate repetitive tasks.

There are many reasons why it’s beneficial to take an Excel course:

📊Improving Competencies in the Workplace

Since Excel is so ubiquitous in the corporate world, mastery of it can do wonders for your career prospects. Data analysis, report building, dashboard construction, task automation, and streamlined data management are all possible with its help. Having these abilities will set you apart from the competition in the employment market.

📊Boosting Efficiency

Excel training can help you maximize Excel’s features and work faster. You can save time, make fewer mistakes, and accomplish more with the use of shortcuts, complex formulas, and automation tools.

📊Data Analysis and Decision Making

You can learn how to analyze and understand data, see trends and patterns, conduct computations, and make visual representations by taking Excel courses. With these abilities, you’ll be able to use facts to guide your decision-making.

📊Rationalizing Procedures

Excel training often consists of a discussion of automation tools like macros and VBA. Having these abilities will aid you in automating mundane chores, standardizing procedures, and developing individualized solutions. Workflow automation helps cut down on human error, saves time, and boosts productivity.

best excel courses tutorials online

📊Efficient Reporting and Interaction

Through the use of charts, graphs, and tables, students of Excel learn to display information clearly and concisely. The skills you gain include data formatting, report writing, and a clear explanation of even the most intricate facts. These abilities are beneficial when working with others to present data, discuss insights, and collaborate on projects.

📊Budgeting and Self-Control through the Best Excel Courses Tutorials Online

Using Excel is helpful not only in business but also in organizing one’s finances. Budgets, expenditures, investments, and personal data analysis are just some of the things you can do with Excel knowledge. It’s a useful tool for setting and achieving realistic financial and life objectives.

📊Capacity for Ongoing Change and Improvement

Excel is an adaptable program with numerous features. You can better respond to shifting business requirements and market trends by taking Excel training classes. Excel’s flexibility will help you grow professionally.

10 of the Best Excel Courses Tutorials Online

The best Excel courses tutorials online are listed here. Check them out and see which one fits you.

1-Microsoft Excel Online Courses by Udemy

Category: Beginner to Advance

The Microsoft Excel online courses are available on Udemy range from complete beginners’ guides to advanced techniques for power users. Udemy provides access to a wide variety of Microsoft Excel courses taught by industry professionals. Excel courses are accessible to people of all experience levels.

So, whether you’re just getting started with the program or want to level up, you can find something that works for you. To help students retain their newfound knowledge, many Udemy Excel courses include practical exercises and relevant examples.

You’ll get to put everything you’ve learned about Excel into practice in real-world situations. With the help of these drills, you’ll soon be an Excel pro at things like financial analysis, data manipulation, and project management.

Practical projects that mimic real-world settings are included in several Excel courses on Udemy. In these assignments, you’ll get to put your Excel abilities to use by addressing concrete issues and producing tangible results. Working on these projects will help you gain experience and knowledge of how Excel is used in many fields.

This course is comprehensive, fusing four distinct Excel tutorials:

💻Introduction to Microsoft Excel 101

Covers the essentials of Excel, including the Excel interface, making a spreadsheet, inputting and modifying data, using formulae to analyze that data, formatting that data, printing that data, popular Excel shortcuts, and visualizing data with charts.

💻Intermediate Level: Microsoft Excel 102

Coursework in Microsoft Excel 102 includes list and table management, data filtering and validation, data import/export, pivot tables, and large-scale data management.

💻Advanced Level: Microsoft Excel 103

Coursework in Microsoft Excel 103 includes the development of complex formulas, the use of lookup and text-based functions, the verification of formula accuracy, the encryption of sensitive data, what-if analyses, and an introduction to macros.

💻Master Using VBA and Macros in Microsoft Excel

A tutorial for six teaches the ins and outs of VBA and macros to streamline your Excel work. Learning VBA also helps you make custom procedures.

Course Expectations:
  • Diverse Course Selection
  • Hands-On Exercises
  • On-Demand Learning
  • Practical Projects

2-Microsoft Excel Online Courses by Udemy

Category: Beginner to Expert

Udemy’s Microsoft Excel courses are extensive, covering everything from the absolute basics to advanced techniques.

Learn how to use Excel’s built-in calculation and analytical tools, including SUM, AVERAGE, and IF statements, in this comprehensive online training. Learn how to use pivot tables to dynamically summarize and analyze data, and how to make eye-catching charts, all for the sake of better data visualization.

Excel’s functionality can also be expanded through the use of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming to automate routine activities and develop new, unique functions. This online training will teach you how to use Excel’s slicers, sparklines, and conditional formatting, among other tools, to design engaging dashboards and produce polished reports.

Learn Microsoft Excel from the ground up with Udemy’s comprehensive courses, designed to take complete novices from novices to proficient users. These courses equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to tackle complicated data analysis issues.

Moreover, it also helps you succeed in a variety of professional contexts through the use of hands-on exercises, real-world examples, and practical projects.

Course Expectations:
  • Introduction to Excel
  • Essential Excel Functions
  • Data Analysis
  • Pivot Tables and Charts
  • Advanced Formulas and Functions
  • Macros and VBA Programming
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting
  • Excel Power Query and Power Pivot
  • Excel for Business Intelligence

3-Microsoft Excel Online Courses by Udemy

Category: Advance Excel

best excel courses tutorials online

Formulas and functions dominate Udemy’s advanced Microsoft Excel courses. Learning how to do complicated calculations, automate routines, and use Excel’s powerful capabilities is the goal of these lessons.

Excel functions like VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH, SUMIFS, and COUNTIFS are explored in depth throughout this course. To help you become a better formulator, these courses give in-depth explanations, relevant examples, and hands-on practice.

Discover how to use array formulas to carry out elaborate calculations, alter information across numerous cells, and generate lively reports. To tackle complex data analysis problems, you should be familiar with the ins and outs of array functions like TRANSPOSE, MMULT, and FREQUENCY.

When working with time-related data, Excel’s date and time functions are invaluable. Courses on Udemy that focus on advanced Excel cover features like DATEVALUE, EOMONTH, NETWORKDAYS, and WEEKDAY, allowing you to automate tedious date-related activities and conduct complex calculations.

Additionally, courses on Udemy that focus on advanced Excel formulas and functions include in-depth education, real-world examples, and practical exercises to help you master Excel’s powerful data analysis tools.

These courses equip you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in advanced Excel capabilities, whether you’re interested in data analysis, financial modeling, or the automation of data processing chores.

Course Expectations:
  • In-depth Formula Mastery
  • Logical and Conditional Functions
  • Mathematical and Statistical Functions
  • Text Functions and Manipulation
  • Advanced Lookup and Reference Functions

4-Microsoft Excel Online Courses by Udemy

Category: Data Analysis with Excel Pivot Tables

Several different Microsoft Excel courses on Udemy cover the use of pivot tables for data analysis. These classes will teach you how to effectively use pivot tables for data analysis and summarization.

These lessons will get you up and running quickly with pivot tables, walking you through the interface and explaining the fundamentals behind them. You’ll acquire the skills necessary to organize information, employ filters, and create individualized pivot table designs.

After establishing a firm foundation, students in these classes go on to more complex pivot table features. You will learn how to use pivot tables’ more complex features, such as computed fields and items, as well as grouping and sorting. You can use these methods to generate dynamic reports and conduct in-depth analyses of your data.

Discover how to use macros and VBA programming to perform tasks such as creating and manipulating pivot tables automatically. Learning how to write VBA code to execute complex pivot table operations, automate mundane activities, and develop individualized pivot table solutions is the focus of these training modules.

Learn how to use pivot tables in Excel for data analysis with Udemy’s in-depth courses that provide detailed instructions, real-world examples, and interactive exercises. These data science courses will educate you on how to evaluate data, develop conclusions, and present your findings.

Course Expectations:
  • Pivot Table Fundamentals
  • Advanced Pivot Table Techniques
  • Data Visualization with Pivot Tables
  • Working with Multiple Data Sources
  • Pivot Table Automation and Macros

5-Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA by Udemy

This Udemy course will teach you all you need to know to become a Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) and Microsoft Excel Macro expert. If you sign up for this training, you’ll gain the skills to streamline and expedite your Excel processes through automation.

Start by familiarizing yourself with the fundamentals of macros and VBA. Learn Excel’s macros, how to record and edit them, and how Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is used to add new features and modify existing ones. Get your hands dirty with the VBA editor and learn how to make macros from scratch.

Learn the fundamentals of Visual Basic for Applications, such as variables, loops, and conditions, to create dynamic and responsive macros that meet your exact demands. Create user forms to improve user interaction and show off your prowess. You may make your macros more user-friendly by studying interface design, user input capture, and data processing through user forms.

Learn how to use objects, change the contents of files and folders, communicate with databases, and add new features to Excel by applying sophisticated VBA principles and techniques. These data science courses will educate you on how to evaluate data, develop conclusions, and present your findings.

You’ll have access to knowledgeable teachers and a network of peers with whom to share knowledge and ideas. “Master Microsoft Excel Macros and Excel VBA” on Udemy will teach you how to automate and customize Excel.

Course Expectations:
  • Introduction to Macros and VBA
  • Building Macros
  • Automating Tasks
  • User Forms and Interactivity
  • Error Handling and Debugging
  • Advanced VBA Techniques
  • Real-World Projects

6-Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series by Udemy

Category: Level 1, 2, 3

The “Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series, Levels 1, 2, and 3” course on Udemy is an intensive and thorough Excel education program that will take you from a novice to an expert.

High-quality video lectures, practical exercises, quizzes, and downloadable tools are all available to you throughout this series. Udemy’s “Excel Essentials: The Complete Excel Series, Levels 1, 2, and 3” is a three-part course that takes a methodical and all-encompassing approach to teaching Excel.

Completing this class will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to perform advanced data analysis, design compelling visualizations, automate tedious activities, and more in Excel. This course will help you become an expert Excel user, regardless of your current level of expertise.

Course Expectations:
  • Excel Basics and Fundamentals
  • Data Analysis and Advanced Functions
  • Advanced-Data Visualization and Automation

7-Excel 2016 Essential Training by Lynda of LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (previously offers an in-depth training session called “Excel 2016 Essential Training” to help you master Microsoft Excel 2016. This course equips students with the foundational knowledge and skills necessary to make the most of Excel. Whether they are complete Excel novices or have some experience with the program.

Learn your way around Excel 2016 and its many features by getting comfortable with its user interface. Master the art of making and formatting worksheets for easy data entry and manipulation.

Learn how to make your worksheets seem better by adding data, modifying column widths, applying cell formatting, and using themes and styles. The many different kinds of functions that are available to you will be explained at the course.

Learn to perform advanced data analysis and reporting by sorting and filtering data. You can achieve this by using conditional formatting to draw attention to relevant information, constructing tables and charts, and making use of pivot tables.

LinkedIn Learning’s “Excel 2016 Essential Training” course offers a thorough and organized method for learning and using Excel 2016. By the end of the course, you will be able to manage data, carry out difficult calculations, design visually appealing reports and visualizations, and work more efficiently in Excel.

Course Expectations:
  • Excel Interface and Navigation
  • Creating and Formatting Worksheets
  • Data Analysis and Visualization
  • Data Manipulation and Management
  • Automation with Macros
  • Collaboration and Sharing

8-Excel Skills for Business Specialization by Macquarie University through Coursera

If you want to learn everything there is to know about Excel for business, look no further than Macquarie University’s “Excel Skills for Business Specialization” on Coursera. This focus teaches Excel skills over time.

Start with the interface, data entry, and formatting, formula and function building, and data visualization with charts and graphs to learn Excel. Gain a firm grasp of Excel with the help of this course.

Acquire expert knowledge of utilizing Excel for in-depth data analysis. Learn how to use VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX-MATCH, and PivotTables to analyze massive data sets.

Learn about budgeting, forecasting, and scenario planning as they pertain to your financial situation. Through data analysis, supply chain optimization, and interactive reporting, learn about business communication.

To help you retain the information presented during the specialization, we’ve included video lectures, practical exercises, exams, and assignments. After finishing the concentration, you will be awarded a certificate of completion.

When you complete the “Excel Skills for Business Specialization,” you’ll have the knowledge and ability to manage data, conduct in-depth analysis, design effective visualizations, and make sound business decisions using Excel. Learn Excel methodically and thoroughly with this Coursera specialty from Macquarie University.

Course Expectations:
  • Excel Fundamentals for Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization and Dashboard Design
  • Excel Data Analysis
  • Excel Skills for Business

9-Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel by Rice University through Coursera

The in-depth Coursera course “Introduction to Data Analysis Using Excel” from Rice University will teach you the foundations of data analysis using Microsoft Excel. This course is designed for people who have never used Excel before but are interested in learning how to analyze data and draw conclusions from it.

Get your feet wet by learning the fundamentals of data analysis, such as how it works, what kinds of data there are, and how to clean and prepare them. Mastering data-calculating and summarizing functions such as SUM, AVERAGE, COUNT, and IF is a must.

Learn to arrange information, use filters, and utilize conditional formatting to draw attention to relevant facts. Further, learn how to use Excel for statistical analysis.

Master the fundamentals of statistical analysis by determining means, standard deviations, and correlations. Learn about hypothesis testing and how to use statistical data for inference and decision-making.

The course materials, including video lectures, activities, quizzes, and real-world examples, are designed to help you retain and apply what you learn. After finishing the course, you will be awarded a certificate.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of data science, including how to properly clean and prepare data. You can also have an idea to run calculations and statistical analysis, design effective visualizations, and extract actionable insights.

This Coursera course from Rice University will teach you the fundamentals of data analysis with Microsoft Excel, allowing you to harness information for better decision-making.

Course Expectations:
  • Data Analysis Basics
  • Essential Excel Tools
  • Data Visualization
  • Statistical Analysis in Excel
  • Exploratory Data Analysis

10-Data Visualization with Advanced Excel by PwC by Coursera

If you want to improve your data visualization abilities in Microsoft Excel, enroll in PwC’s “Data Visualization with Advanced Excel” course on Coursera. Excel’s advanced capabilities will help you create impressive visuals in this course.

Learn how data visualization can help you convey your message more clearly. Discover the fundamentals and best practices of data visualization, such as how to select the most appropriate charts, structure data efficiently, and create eye-catching visualizations. Master the skill of making visually beautiful and instructive displays of data, such as waterfall charts, Pareto charts, and heat maps.

Learn to modify chart components, add labels to data, and annotate graphs to better convey a story with your data. know how to use Excel as a tool for creating dynamic dashboards.

Discover how to make user-friendly navigation menus, interactive charts, and slicers for data exploration and manipulation. Learn to improve the user experience by making dashboards intuitive.

Video lectures, practical labs, interactive quizzes, and relevant real-world examples will all be available to you throughout the course. A culminating project will give you the chance to put your knowledge to use and develop truly impressive data visualizations.

Learn how to take raw data and turn it into impressive visuals using Excel by enrolling in and completing the “Data Visualization with Advanced Excel” course. By effectively conveying findings, trends, and patterns to stakeholders, you will facilitate data-driven decision-making.

This Coursera course from PwC focuses specifically on data visualization in Excel, teaching you how to make eye-catching charts and graphs from your data.

Course Expectations:
  • Introduction to Data Visualization
  • Excel’s Advanced Visualization Tools
  • Advanced Charting Techniques
  • Visualizing Trends and Patterns
  • Designing Interactive Dashboards
best excel courses tutorials online

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I learn Excel as quickly as possible?

A: Online Excel classes and boot camps cover everything from the basics to advanced methods. Newcomers to Excel can benefit from a boot camp’s adaptable learning environment, which allows them to become proficient in Excel in as little as a few months.

Q: Is there a free way to learn Excel online?

A: In a word, yes! Nothing requires your personal information or money. An online tutorial is available at no cost and covers all the essentials for getting started with and mastering Excel.

Q: If you want to learn Excel, how long will that take?

A: It will take you at least 20–24 hours to get a handle on the fundamentals. It takes about 30–45 days to master intermediate Excel. To become proficient in Excel, you need to set aside at least three months of work.

Q: What is the most challenging aspect of learning Excel?

A: The most challenging part of Excel is VBA. The majority of respondents said they struggled with writing macros, automating tasks, understanding VBA, and developing Excel applications.

Q: Does it matter where you learn Excel?

A: You have the option of self-study or formal instruction. One benefit of self-studying Excel is that you can move through the material at your convenience. It’s a long process, though. It is suggested that you enroll in either in-person or virtual tutorial classes.

Final Thoughts

Excel courses and lessons available online are a great way to gain expertise with Microsoft’s spreadsheet program. There is a clear progression from introductory to advanced material in these courses.

Online courses provide a variety of learning resources, including video lectures, hands-on exercises, interactive quizzes, and relevant real-world examples, so students may study when and where it’s most convenient for them. You can boost your resume with a certificate of completion from many courses.

Online Excel classes provide a convenient and accessible way to learn Excel, whether you’re a complete Excel newbie hoping to build a solid foundation or a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your skills. They help you keep up with Excel’s ever-changing features and functions, respond quickly to new business demands, and increase your efficiency and marketability.

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