Best Art Drawing Classes and Lessons for Aspiring Artists

As someone who has always been passionate about art, I know firsthand the never-ending quest for growth and improvement in our drawing skills. Finding the best art drawing classes and lessons online can be challenging, with so many options.

Drawing is an integral part of many artistic disciplines and pathways. Whether you want it as a hobby, or something more serious, the right art lesson can provide the instruction and guidance needed to help launch your path in art. It can also be incredibly rewarding self-expression, whether you want to doodle for fun or make stunning artistic masterpieces. With all the resources available today, you don’t have to go alone.

So why not grab your pencils and paper and explore what taking art drawing classes can offer you?

Ink Drawing Techniques (SkillShare)

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This drawing method online course, presented on SkillShare by Yuko Shimizu, an acclaimed Japanese illustrator residing in New York City and experienced art teacher at the School of Visual Arts (SVA), offers more than 1.5 hours of video content divided into 15 lessons. These lessons delve into various drawing methods and provide essential knowledge for students to explore diverse styles and ideas.

Yuko’s drawing course encompasses everything from fundamental concepts to professional insider tips, ensuring that individuals ranging from absolute beginners to experienced artists can gain valuable insights from the materials.

This course encompasses the following topics:

  • Fundamental techniques for brushes, nibs, and ink
  • Selecting the appropriate materials (such as ink and paper) for your undertaking
  • Contrasting Asian and Watercolor brushes
  • Mastering the integration of brush strokes and pen drawings in a single piece
  • Exploring illustration textures
  • Delving into the world of calligraphy
  • Essential skills for sketching and scanning
  • Core principles of inking

Key Highlights

  • Develop abilities to explore illustration, comic art, and high-contrast styles.
  • Discover various types of ink and papers and their applications in illustrations or conceptual drawings.
  • Investigate diverse brushes and nibs
  • Master two distinct techniques for eliminating undesired ink without compromising your drawing
  • Enjoy a two-month free online art classes drawing lessons trial on Skillshare, free to cancel anytime.

Duration: 1 hour 40 minutes on-demand video

Rating: 4.5

Online Drawing and Art Classes (Creativebug)

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Creativebug is an online educational hub for creative enthusiasts and students, bringing artists and learners together. The online art classes boast a vast collection of thousands of readily available videos and courses in art and craft. Upon registering with Creativebug, users gain unrestricted access to all these online art and craft classes. The platform offers a reasonably priced unlimited access and membership at $7.95 per month, which includes a complimentary 7-day trial.

Key Highlights

  • Subscribers have the option to enroll in individual classes or multi-part courses.
  • Access online art classes at any time and from any location
  • Fresh online courses daily, accompanied by downloadable templates and materials.
  • Courses do not have an expiration date, so you can complete them according to your preferred schedule.

Duration: Self-Paced

Rating: 4.4

How to Draw From Beginner to Master (Udemy)

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Drawing is the foundation for various art forms, including oil painting techniques, acrylic painting, traditional art design, architecture, and digital art animation. This skill can be acquired through a nine-part course on drawing, covering the basics of photorealism. The course caters to novices and seasoned artists seeking to hone their traditional drawing methods, enabling rapid progress and the ability to start drawing from scratch.

As an engaging and interactive course, students are encouraged to actively participate. Beginning with fundamental concepts, the course gradually builds a strong foundation for students to advance. Initially, learners explore materials such as pencil lead weights and their optimal uses.

Subsequently, the course delves into more complex subjects like swift measurements and proportions, diverse line art techniques, and creating form and depth of field in drawings. The course utilizes animations that simplify intricate images and teaches visualization techniques, along with the visual application of geometry for symmetry and consistency in the artwork. Each module contains enjoyable and straightforward exercises to reinforce understanding before proceeding.

Joseph Patric Daniels, an award-winning fine artist, and illustrator based in New York City, instructs the course. Renowned for his best-selling courses online, Daniels employs a practical and considerate teaching approach.

Key Highlights

  • Acquire the essential skills to independently produce artwork including digital art animations
  • Master a method for drawing hands, eyes, portraits, and any conceivable object

Discover a step-by-step process for sketching

  • Comprehend the recognition and utilization of planes in drawing
  • Learn how to establish ideal lighting for portraits
  • Observe real-life demonstrations of completing a drawing from beginning to end
  • Receive feedback and evaluations from the instructor upon request

Duration: 8 hours

Rating: 4.7

Character Illustration (SkillShare)

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This Skillshare online drawing course instructs students on designing and illustrating cartoon characters. It delves into every aspect of character illustration, from creating dynamic poses to perfecting facial expressions. The course consists of a 60-minute drawing class divided into 12 drawing lessons, led by the acclaimed illustrator and comic artist Gabriel Picolo, who has amassed over 1.6 million Instagram followers.

The art class addresses the following topics:

  • Investigating movement and pose through figure-drawing exercises
  • Illustrating the four fundamental expressions
  • Infusing color with attention to contrast and style
  • Developing a character design with a strong personality
  • Incorporating clothing and color that suits your character

This course is an excellent starting point for both beginners and intermediate-level illustrators, as they can all gain from Gabriel’s considerate, easy-to-understand, and comprehensive methods. After completing this illustration class, students can create their characters and effectively convey stories, emotions, and actions.

Key Highlights

  • Discover how to illustrate lively and animated characters
  • Gain insights into techniques for crafting dynamic and engaging character illustrations
  • Understand the distinctions between drawing female and male faces
  • Master the four essential expressions and create characters with authentic and intricate facial expressions
  • Incorporates practice exercises to apply the taught techniques
  • Ideal for beginners looking to venture into character illustration

Duration: 1 hour

Rating: 4.5

Anatomy for Figure Drawing (Udemy)

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This Udemy Figure Drawing course offers a distinctive and straightforward approach to mastering the art of drawing the human figure. As one of the top courses for learning human anatomy in drawing, it has attracted over 54,000 students. The course is taught by Neil Fontaine, an experienced art instructor, professional painter, and writer.

With more than 65 hours of video content, this comprehensive and detailed course has received high student ratings. Some claim it provided more value than four years of art school and applying to some art studios.

Learners will study male and female figures throughout the course, beginning with proportions. Topics covered include the skeleton, simplified mannequins, muscle attachments, muscle dynamics in various poses, differences between male and female figures, depicting fat on the body, diverse body types, drawing hands, feet, heads, and faces, portraying people at different ages, and ultimately combining all elements into dynamic poses.

Best online drawing classes for beginners and professional artists alike, this course is also ideal for those seeking a career in professional animation, such as storyboard artists, animators, concept artists, comic artists, or cartoonists.

Key Highlights

  • Acquire professional figure-drawing skills to secure your ideal career
  • Develop the ability to sketch human figures and clothing from your imagination
  • Understand muscle attachments and their locations
  • Study-specific body parts in motion for a deeper comprehension of complex muscles
  • Discover techniques for drawing breasts, including their mechanics, attachments, and compression
  • Learn how to depict skin and fat, as well as fat accumulation areas

Duration: 65 hours

Rating: 4.4

The Ultimate Drawing Course (Udemy)

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This Udemy Drawing Course equips students with a comprehensive understanding of drawing fundamentals, starting from scratch. It aims to transform learners with little or no drawing knowledge into creators of advanced, professional-grade art.

The course commences with the drawing basics, as expert illustrator and designer Jaysen Batchelor guides students through essential drawing strategies. Learners begin by exploring fundamental concepts such as line, shape, form, value, and contrast and how to apply them in their artwork.

The course then delves into space and perspective drawing, teaching students to maintain consistent perspectives from various angles and master 1, 2, and 3-point perspectives. Students learn to create textures and draw still life, human faces, and human forms as they progress. Additionally, a bonus section provides step-by-step instructions for drawing animated figures.

Key Highlights

  • Master the art of drawing objects from your imagination
  • Explore various drawing styles and processes
  • Discover different shading techniques to enhance the value of your drawings.
  • Study the anatomy of the human eye and learn to draw it accurately
  • Understand perspective and composition, as well as arrange people and objects in your artwork
  • Learn to depict the human face from multiple angles
  • Offers over 50 diverse projects that guide learners from novice to expert levels
  • These online art classes for beginners assist in embarking on their artistic journey

Duration: 11 hours

Rating: 4.5

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get the most out of an art drawing lesson or class?

A: Whether you’re a beginner or someone who’s been sketching since they could hold a pencil, there’s always something new to learn and ways to improve. First, don’t hesitate to ask questions or speak up during your drawing classes online. Chances are someone else has the same question you do! Take notes during demonstrations as well. Having a visual reference to refer back to while practicing is always helpful. Also, practice makes perfect, so try to set aside some time each day to draw or sketch, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

Q: Do I need any special equipment or materials for my drawing courses?

A: Some courses may provide certain materials and supplies, while others require purchasing your own. Generally speaking, pencils, erasers, scrap paper, sketchbooks/pads of paper, markers, or pens are all helpful tools to have on hand. Look through the descriptions for each class carefully before signing up so you know what’s required.

Q: Can I access these courses on my mobile device?

A: Most courses are available on desktop and mobile devices. However, some may be limited to desktop access only. It’s best to check the course description for more information. Additionally, many courses offer a two-month trial period so you can try out the content before committing to purchase. That way, you can ensure it’s compatible with your device and meets your learning needs.

Final Words

Embarking on a creative journey requires careful consideration of the right course that aligns with your unique needs and aspirations. By selecting a course tailored to your goals, you can unlock your full potential and transform your passion for drawing into a rewarding skill. Remember, every artist begins somewhere, and the first step is often the hardest but most crucial. So, don’t hesitate to explore the available courses and commit to improving your drawing abilities.

As you progress, you’ll find that your skills will flourish, and you’ll gain a newfound sense of accomplishment. Moreover, by sharing your experiences and insights in the comments, you can contribute to a supportive community of like-minded individuals passionate about art. So, take that first step today. And please, feel free to share your thoughts and progress in the comments section below. We’d love to hear about your journey and witness your transformation into a skilled artist!

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